Perikles relies on Creative Partnerships in order to bring you the best original 3D designs available. Below you can find a list of our Creative Partners with which Perikles has an official printing agreement. Though the Online Catalogue will be updated regularly we are able to print almost anything of the current offerings of our partners. So we encourage you to check them out and if you would like to have anything printed please contact us on and we will see if we can get you sorted out! Or if you are interested in digital files you can also acquire them directly from our partners via the links below:


Dark Fire Designs

  • Dark Fire Designs: a great contributor to our Galactic Battles line and an amazing design team. We will add their vehicles in the future and the Dark Fire Designs range will also venture into modular kits for endless possibilities. Check them out on their Facebook page or Gumroad


  • BigMillerBro: another contributor to our Galactic Battles range BigMillerBro has been making miniatures since 2003. We especially love their robots and vehicles which will also be added in the future. Again modularity is the keyword so expect some modular kits to come as well. Check them out on their Gumroad.

Black Remnant

  • Black Remnant: the third contributor to the Galactic Battles range. Black Remnant provides a great variety of individual characters that make great additions for all your games. The realism in their sculpts is simply breathtaking. Check them out on Facebook or via Gumroad.

Madox 3D Design

  • Madox 3D Design: a highly talented digital sculpting studio which is a great asset to many of our ranges as we will produce their Galactic Battles miniatures next to an historical range and zombie survivors! Next to their excellent miniatures we will also be publishing their terrain. You can find them on their Gumroad!

Seb Miniatures

  • Seb Miniatures: a Polish studio mostly dedicated to Galactic Battles Sculpt! Their miniatures bring a completely new experience to the tabletop with surprisingly fresh designs and incredible details. You can find their them on their Gumroad!

Skull Forge Studios Logo

  • Skull Forge Studios: a great design studio that also has a strong focus on our Galactic Battles range. The sculpts are sprawling with detail and dynamism. Check out their Gumroad or Facebook.

Duncan Shadow Louca

  • Duncan Shadow Louca: a very prolific designer with a very wide range of models! Most of them are classic D&D sculpts though Duncan Shadow Louca is also the studio behind most items in our Animal Kingdoms line. You can find them on Facebook.

Clay Cyanide

  • Clay Cyanide: a sculpting studio that focuses on Mythology so unsurprisingly makes big additions to our Myths & Legends range. They specialize in realistic models and larger-than-life monsters and gods! You can visit their Facebook or MyMiniFactory.


  • Ghamak: a digital sculpting studio with a love for both SciFi and Fantasy  so you can find models of Ghamak in both our ranges. They work together with professional concept artists to bring to live a range of varied and exciting sculpts. Check out their Facebook or MyMiniFactory page.

Terrain4Print Logo

  • Terrain4Print: as it says on the tin this studio provides quality terrain pieces for various ranges (scifi, historical, fantasy,...). So expect these scenery pieces to pop up all around the webshop. Check them out on Gumroad here!
  • Hokusa 3D Designs: a Swedish design studio that focuses on creating larger and smaller creatures for our Galactic Battles range. Check out their Facebook or Gumroad!
  • 3D Printapalooza: a design studio focussing on terrain pieces which mostly complement our Galactic Battles range. You can find them on Facebook here!
  • Chimaera's Den: a young Canadian design studio with a focus on Terrain pieces. They make great additions to our Dino Realm range with various building and vehicles!
  • Stormwise Savage Creations: this studio is responsible for our fantastic Monster Index range with a numerous amount of miniature monsters to battle it out against each other!