About us

Perikles is born out of a passion for both wargaming and 3D printing. As 3D printing is becoming more prevalent the amount of sculpting artists producing great content has also greatly increased. Perikles is here to bridge the gap between those designers and people without access to or less interest in 3D printing. We provide professional prints of your favourite designs, thus printing your 3Dreams! All the photos on our website are shot by ourselves and represent the actual end products we ship, we do not picture renders.

At the moment we are a small company with big dreams. All our 3D design partners have been chosen on their uniqueness, skill and quality in order to bring you refreshing miniatures and accessories. For our manufacturing we mainly use our Phrozen Sonic 4K XL printers which provide you with stunning resin prints. For some bigger parts, terrain or the bases we use our FDM printers including a Prusa MK3S, the benchmark on the market nowadays!

Since every miniature is printed this means no loss of quality after printing large quantities like you can have in traditional production processes with classical molds. It also means no flash lines though the supports necessary for printing can leave some small marks or may still be attached in some small places. These marks or supports are best removed with a sharp modelling knife and the models can also gently be filed (be careful with resin dust and always wear protective gear when filing). Print lines on the PLA parts can also easily be filed and will also disappear to some extent when primed.

Some more intricate designs are provided as multipart kits and will need assembly with some super glue. Miniatures can also easily be glued to their base with super glue. We recommend sanding the base and bottom of the models a bit before glueing, priming or basing for a better adhesion.

A small note on scale: the scale will always be mentioned in the miniature description and seeing we provide miniatures from various artists the scale can also vary between different collections. Please always check the scale carefully and when in doubt you can always ask us for some scale comparison pictures via info@perikles.be.

Special requests can also be made at info@perikles.be though due to the small size of our company we will need to assess each of them on an individual basis and cannot provide any guarantees concerning the feasibility of custom prints at this point in time.